Naturality Meditation School (CYA-RMS Member)

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School Of Naturality is conducting Meditation Facilitator Training Program (MFTP) and Kundalini Facilitator Training Program (KFTP)in Canada and Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training Program (MTTP), Nada Yoga Teacher Training and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India.

Course Outline

Naturality Meditation Facilitator Training Program
Hamilton and Toronto

Spring, Fall, Summer and Winter

Become an Authentic, Skilled and Certified Naturality Meditation Facilitator

Most comprehensive and unique training program available

There are many approaches to understand the art and science of meditation. Our approach is through Naturality. Naturality is to live according to our nature. Naturality approach is neither religious nor spiritual but natural; means after learning the basics of meditation techniques and practices you can discover your unique way of meditating according to your natural personality. It’s the easiest way to practice meditation. The goal is to become free from fear and guilt and live with peace, passion and bliss. In Naturality the inner nature meets the outer.

From Naturality point of view meditation is relaxation, awareness and expansion of awareness. Practice of meditation promotes emotional healing, and can be helpful for those suffering from a variety of acute and chronic health problems including stress-related disorders, chronic pain, anxiety and depression. As the practice deepens we discover our natural self and inner guru and eventually experience expansive mind and stillness.

Whether you are a practitioner of meditation or a beginner, this program will deepen your own meditation practice, and will also enable you to teach meditation to individuals and groups.
Naturality Meditation Facilitator Training Program is in association with the Canadian Yoga Alliance.


Naturality: Naturality or Sahajta is an open, flexible and ever evolving system of teachings that help us to understand the root cause of life’s problems as well as find the solutions within us. Guided by certain core learning and practices, individuals can begin the adventure of self-exploration. By walking on Naturality path, we build a healthy identity and discover our Inner Guru to guide us through a complex world. We eventually discover our Natural self and live fully.

Understand and become skillful in:
• Art and science of a variety of meditation techniques to experience peace in daily living and moving on the path of Naturality to discover Natural self.
• Following meditations will be explored and experienced:
.Who Am I?
.Dream and sleep
.Visualization and guided imagery
.Sound (chants)
.Self meditation

Special Emphasis on:
.Role of meditation in treating Mental Health Problems including fear and anxiety.
.Role of meditation in helping the people suffering from chronic stress and pain.
.Role of meditation in preventing and delaying brain aging to help in Dementia and Alzheimer Disease

Complimented by:
• Body Movements Breath Work

• Spirituality and Sciences
combining meditation and yoga with the latest research in neuroscience and brain.

Mind-Body Medicine
. To Explore Mind-Body Connections to experience the feeling of well-being, relaxation response and deal with stress, anxiety, PTSD, sleep problems and other chronic illnesses.

Develop tools for self-knowing through:
• Natural Personality and changing lifestyle accordingly
connecting personality and body types to the brain and nervous system.
• Identity, Subconscious and Natural Self
connecting in-depth knowledge of self with the meditative journey.
• Centres of Evolution and Involution or Chakras and their connection with Brain and the world
exploring their evolutionary significance and connecting to brain.
• Energy Points Energy Channels Energy Healing
connecting them to the nervous system.
.Themes, questions and problems from students

Teaching Methods:
Experience based education – Experiencing and also finding the source of experience.
Problem based learning – Exploring the problem of fear, meaning in life, love, relationship, fulfillment, work and education.
Dialectical dialogue – Exploring two poles of an experience or knowledge.
Self-inquiry – Who am I? Enquiring into the origin of knowledge, beliefs and motives.
Healthy competition and co-operation – It helps in realizing and expressing our potential and brings unique creativity to teachings without being isolated. We have fear of our own greatness known as Jonah’s complex which we have to overcome to experience best in us.
We become big by becoming bigger, not by making others small and then help others to grow.

Course Material:
Naturality Booklet
CDs as digital copy
.Naturality meditations
.Naturality meditations and chants

Program will be held in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter in Hamilton and Toronto


For more information:
Mira at Phone: 905-541-1870