YogaBliss (CYA-RYS 300 Member)

  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 905-903-9642
  • Address: 105 Colborne Street West
  • Location: Whitby, Ontario Canada
  • Website:
  • Service Offered: Yoga Classes, 200 hour YTT, 300 hour YTT
  • Type of Certification Granted: 200 hour, 300 hour
  • Years in Operation: Since 2000
  • Date Joined: November 06, 2013

School Info

YogaBliss is a lovely studio in the heart of downtown Whitby that offers a heart centered approach to Yoga, inspired by the teachings of Kripalu and Krishnamacharya. As we show up to practice we learn to accept ourselves as we are in the moment. As we explore postures on the mat we cultivate a mind body connection with inner awareness. Just as the lotus grows out of the muddy water and blossoms towards the light, we too practice being with the muck of our life and blossom our heart center to reveal the jewel within. Yoga is the union with this jewel that reminds us that our true nature is always full of light, joy and bliss.
Your practice not only benefits you physically but also psychologically as you unlearn patterns and conditioning that block your connection with your true self. Your breath is your guide and the gateway to this truth. The asana is for the breath as it invites you to open fully for the inhale and let go fully of the exhale. When we practice this as strength receiving it is our direct participation in the intimacy of life. Your Yoga is your connection to the nurturing source and is a practice of loving yourself fully. Your Yoga is the way to Follow Your Bliss!

Course Outline

YogaBliss 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training:
Instruction in Yoga Asana and Pranayama
Hands on Assisting
Art of Relaxation
Journey through the Chakras
Philosophy / Ethics / Lifestyle
Physiology & Anatomy
Teaching Methodology and Practicum
Mantra Practice & Chanting
4 day trip to Kripalu (optional, extra cost)
weekly yoga class
Graduation Ceremony


Heather Amisson (Class of 2016)
Gail Aukstakalnis (Class of 2018)
Alexandra Bishop (Class of 2014)
Joan Black (Class of 2014)
Patrice Burns (Class of 2016)
Brittany Burr (Class of 2019)
Annalisa Cara (Class of 2014)
Joanne Cleary (Class of 2016)
Laura Clements (Class of 2019)
Nicole Cote (Class of 2018)
Marie Cronin (Class of 2018)
Shelley Crowel (Class of 2016)
Darcie Czop (Class of 2016)
Sacha Farrell (Class of 2014)
Patricia Koziol (Class of 2019)
Lee Anne Leslie (Class of 2014)
Marie Losier (Class of 2018)
Catherine MacLeod (Class of 2014)
Leanne McCurdy (Class of 2018)
Barbara Prevedel (Class of 2019)
Donna Prymok (Class of 2019)
Ursula Reeson (Class of 2014)
Susan Scherbak (Class of 2019)
Marcey Wilson (Class of 2019)
Kassidy Young (Class of 2016)
Hailee Young (Class of 2016)