Janati Yoga Inc. (CYA-RYS 500 Member)

  • E-mail: mona@monawarner.com
  • Phone: 613.888.3065
  • Address: 96 Regent Street
  • Location: Kingston, Ontario Canada
  • Website: janatiyoga.com
  • Service Offered: 200hr, 500hr, CE, Interdisciplinary: Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa, Restorative, Ayurveda, Therapeutics, Yoga Nidra, Meditation
  • Type of Certification Granted: 200hr & 500hr & CE
  • Years in Operation: N/A
  • Date Joined: February 11, 2013

School Info

Janati Yoga teaches an open, accepting, discerning approach to the practice of yoga. There isn't 'one way'; there are as many ways as there are people wanting to practice yoga.
Our work as teachers is to help each of the participants find their appropriate approach and practice—the yoga that supports their personal growth, wellness and evolution. Therefore we dive in deep, seeking to understand the principles and intentions behind the practices in order to facilitate safe, balanced and adaptable classes.

Course Outline

Janati Yoga School is recognized as a certified private educational institution by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) and meets the criteria of a vocational institution by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). This means that participants of Janati Yoga Teacher Training programs will receive an official tuition fee receipt (T2202A—CRA Tuition, Education, and Textbook Amounts Certificate) allowing participants to qualify for tuition and education tax credits on their personal income tax.

The 200-hour level Yoga Teacher Training (foundations) is an intensive course that covers many areas of study (registered with YS since 2006):

1. 30 hrs Anatomy & Physiology/ Functional Anatomy
2. & 3. 100 hrs Techniques in Asana (66hrs), Pranayama (10hrs), Dhyana (10hrs), Mantra & Sanskrit (10hrs) and Kriyas (4hrs)
4. & 5. 6 hrs Subtle Anatomy/ Energetics
6. 30 + hrs Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle, and Ethics
7. 35 hrs Teaching Methodology & Practicum and
8. 5 hrs other: including an introduction to Ayurveda and the Business of Yoga

The 500-hour program is delivered in weekend modules, which include:
- Foundation & Philosophy (FP) Modules;
Breath (FP1), Anatomy for Asanas (FP2), Raja Yoga 1 (FP3), Raja Yoga 2 (FP4), Bhakti Yoga (FP5), Jnana Yoga (FP6), Karma Yoga (FP7), and Ayurveda 1 (FP8).

- Refine your Teaching Skills (RTS) Modules:
Engaged Teaching (RTS1), Intuitive Teaching (RTS2), Enhancements & Assisting (RTS3), and Practicum (RTS4).

- Deepen your Inquiry (DYI) Modules:

Personal Sadhana (DYI1, Energetics/Chakras (DYI2), and Ayurveda 2 (DYI3).

- Teaching Methodology (TM) Modules:

Yin Yoga (TM1), Peak Pose & Themes (TM2), Vinyasa (TM3), Restorative 1 (TM4), Restorative 2 (TM5), Yoga Nidra 1 (TM6), Yoga Nidra 2 (TM7), Chair yoga (TM8),
Therapeutics 1 (TM9), Therapeutics 2 (TM10), Centering & Relaxation Techniques (TM11), and
Ayurveda 3 (TM12).

You can take one module to upgrade your skills, or complete 20 modules for certification (registered with YA since 2008).

The hours indicated are the Yoga Alliance Standards minimum requirement in each area of study specific to the additional 300 hours to complete a 500-Hr Level Yoga Teacher Training:

- 50 hrs Techniques in Asana, Pranayama,
Dhyana, Mantra & Sanskrit.
- 20 hrs Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle, and Ethics
- 5 hrs Teaching Methodology
- 15 hrs Anatomy & Physiology + Subtle Anatomy and
- 30 hrs Teaching Practicum

Exactly how many hours of which segments depends on which modules participants take. For program completion there are modules that are required in order to ensure the proper amount of hours in the required categories.


Bobbi-Jo Ackerman (Class of 2012)
Brittany Amell (Class of 2009)
Martha Bailey (Class of 2009)
Denise Balkissoon (Class of 2011)
Valerie Barrette (Class of 2010)
Kelsey Barton (Class of 2009)
Carol Belanger (Class of 2011)
Michelle Beti (Class of 2011)
Jade Bogdanowicz (Class of 2007)
Tamara Bond-Vlad (Class of 2007)
Charlotte Bradley (Class of 2009)
Hedy Brambat-Kellar (Class of 2010)
Katherine Davidson (Class of 2012)
Cheryl Dobias (Class of 2011)
Julie Edgley (Class of 2012)
David Edney (Class of 2012)
Janet Elson (Class of 2010)
Tanya Fleming (Class of 2009)
Kathryn Flynn (Class of 2009)
Jennifer Foster (Class of 2009)
Caitlin Fralick (Class of 2011)
Christine Grossutti (Class of 2011)
Andrea Gummo (Class of 2009)
Musira Haider (Class of 2009)
Rita Hall (Class of 2007)
Junko Hammond (Class of 2010)
Doreen Hartley (Class of 2009)
Sarah Herbert (Class of 2011)
Cheryl Hiebert (Class of 2009)
Jo-Anne Hopkins (Class of 2012)
Brittany Humfries (Class of 2010)
Jessica Itiaba (Class of 2012)
Jessica Jones (Class of 2010)
Katie Junkin (Class of 2009)
Melissa Keith (Class of 2012)
Kathy Kennedy (Class of 2010)
Caitlin Krempowich (Class of 2010)
Joanne Kusters (Class of 2010)
Katie Kyte (Class of 2012)
Maureen Latreille (Class of 2009)
Julie Magee (Class of 2009)
Laura McCrimmon (Class of 2011)
Charles McDougall (Class of 2007)
Sheilagh McLean (Class of 2007)
Heather Morrow (Class of 2011)
Jennifer Musial (Class of 2010)
Kristen Neil (Class of 2009)
Margarita Ortisi (Class of 2009)
Andrea Piper (Class of 2009)
Fallon Reynolds-Collett (Class of 2011)
Kym Riley (Class of 2009)
Marla-Beth Rosen (Class of 2010)
Megan Rowlands (Class of 2012)
Cory Royle (Class of 2010)
Annette Rzepczyk (Class of 2011)
Kim Scott (Class of 2007)
Frederique Seroude (Class of 2012)
Alexandra Shaffer (Class of 2009)
Harrison Smith (Class of 2009)
Carly Stong (Class of 2010)
Tara Templin (Class of 2009)
Connie ten Bruggenkate (Class of 2007)
Wendy Tice (Class of 2012)
Tiiu Vail (Class of 2012)
Tammy Wallwork (Class of 2012)
Laurel Wilson (Class of 2009)
Vicki Woolfrey (Class of 2010)
Krista Wray (Class of 2012)