McMaster University & Hoame (Educational Alliance) (CYA-RMS Member)

School Info

This training is a collaborative partnership between Mcmaster University Continuing Education and Hoame (a registered meditation teacher training school) and will set a solid foundation for those who are looking to become meditation teachers, and is also open to others who are looking to further expand their knowledge on various meditation styles and techniques. The program includes 7 online modules that explore origins and philosophies, neuroscience, anatomy and physiology meditations styles, approaches and interventions, how to embody the practice in daily life, the business and ethics of instructing as well as self-study/practice.

Hoame is a trusted meditation and mental wellness business as well as a registered meditation school with Canada Yoga Alliance. McMaster University is a prestigious post-secondary institution. A certificate from McMaster University is provided upon successful program completion.

The training will be led by Hoameā€™s cofounders Carolyn Plater MSW, RSW and Stephanie Kersta MSc, RP. They are both masters level mental health clinicians and post secondary educators. They have additional training in yoga, meditation, mindfulness meditation, as well as a number of mindfulness based clinical interventions. The training will also include guest teachers from the Hoame community with specialized expertise.

Course Outline

This program includes 7 online modules in the following:
Origins and Philosophies
Neuroscience and Science
Anatomy and Physiology
Mindfulness Based Interventions
Living Mindfully
Ethical Business Practices and Psychological Safety