Mindful Living Yoga Kids (CYA-CYS Member)

  • E-mail: marycraig.ryt@gmail.com
  • Phone: 19055697269
  • Address: 4182 Rossland Cres.
  • Location: Mississauga ON, Ontario Canada
  • Website: marycraigryt.wixsite.com/yogaplay
  • Service Offered: Yoga for Children and Families
  • Type of Certification Granted: Kids Yoga -95hrs.
  • Years in Operation: N/A
  • Date Joined: December 05, 2023

School Info

Yoga Play is an inclusive yoga and mindfulness program incorporating mindful, breathful and bodyful activity. It is suitable for groups of children or families and can be delivered in outdoor spaces, classrooms or community centres. The yoga journey creates connection with self, playmates, adults and nature other. This fun and interactive yoga experience amplifies the language of gratitude, emotional regulation, and presence.

Whether you are a yoga teacher, a classroom teacher, a recreation programmer or an interested parent, this program will provide you with the skills to facilitate yoga learning for children and families. This modular program will blend and extend from the Yoga Teacher Training (200 hour) so that modules completed in this school or any others do not require repetition.

Workshops are scheduled on one Sunday a month, 8:30-3:30 pm (south Etobicoke location) and Mondays 6-9 pm (virtual). The following modules are scheduled to teach fundamentals as directed by the Canadian Yoga Alliance: yoga techniques, teaching methods, anatomy/physiology/ages and stages, mindful daily living, and wellness and lifestyle management.

Course Outline

1. Yoga and Mindful Daily Living
1A. Teachings of 8 Limb Yoga: Review, discuss and experience mindful daily living through the 8 Limbs
1C. Age-Appropriate philosophy
1D. Self-directed learning as assigned

2. Anatomy /Physiology
2A. Body Mechanics: Understanding Healthy Body Mechanics
2C. Ages and Stages: Physiology/Cognition by age integrated with yoga skills
2D. Self-directed learning assignment

3. Yoga Techniques
3A. Asana: safe, fun, and beneficial: 20 Postures, alignment, benefits, contraindications, modifications for flow and fun
3E. Mindful Yoga Play: Integrating mindfulness and yoga postures for young yogis/families
3F. Self-directed learning assignment

4. Teaching Methods
4A. Sequencing: Putting together classes with purpose
4B. Creative Guiding and Cuing: Attention and guidance for safe, progressive, and fun classes
4C. Grouping, partnering, Props and Massage: Using props and partnering to add fun and value to your class
4D. Self-directed learning assignment

5. Wellness and Lifestyle Management
5A. Lifestyle, Ethics, Karma Yoga and Business
5B. Self-directed learning assignment and practicum