Parks Creek Retreat and Wellness Studio

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We are meant to live a life full of happiness, joy and love, but this can easily get lost in the demands and pressures of everyday life. Whether we recognize it or not, we take vacations and getaways simply to escape. To escape from board meetings and school fundraisers, from laundry and garbage duty. We escape to slow down and give ourselves the space and time to experience calm and connection so that we can fill our cup once again with happiness, joy and love. The more of these things we have inside, the more each of us have to give.
We envisioned a place that would unite the mind, body, heart and spirit … a place where you are invited to relax, unwind and explore. A place where you are inspired by nature to fill your cup with happiness, joy and love … a place where you belong.
We do this by curating unique getaways, complete with services, experiences and products to fit the unique needs of our guests. Our four season retreat and wellness studio is equipped with luxury amenities in a naturally inspiring setting, making it a perfect fit for business and team building retreats, wellness retreats, family and friend getaways, as well as elopements and intimate weddings.

Retreat to the Creek, where nature is your inspiration.