SOL Seasons Of Life Wellness & Yoga

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  • Phone: 506-466-1314
  • Address: 24 Champlain Dr.
  • Location: Dufferin, Char. Co., New Brunswick Canada
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  • Service Offered: Hatha, Functional Mobility, Restorative, Pranakria Prenatal, Vinyasa
  • Number of Years in Business: 14
  • Date Joined: August 28, 2014

Company Info

Teach yoga to people who typically may not do yoga.

Offer a unique serene space for rejuvenation, mentally and physically; while honouring the light, goodness and energy in each person.

Beginner, Intermediate,Yin Yoga
Private Functional Mobility and Private Pranakria Prenatal

Programs include:
Understanding Your Chakras
Your & Your Little One (0-12mo)
Tween & Parent
Couples Yoga
Yoga for Men
Yoga for MS
Yoga for Survivors & Those Living with Cancer

Private classes:
Functional Mobility
Pranakria Prenatal
classes by appointment.

Once a month at the studio from 9am -4pm with lunch provided. Tools will be provided to encourge and playfully uplift individuals while addressing Mental, Emotional and Physical health.

Ideal for employers who do not have the means to shut down their business and would like to send one or two employees at a time for a Wellness Day.

CORPORATE WELLNESS RETREATS may be arranged, also.

Athletes, in particular, but everyone will benefit!
Consideration should be given young athletes, as their bodies are growing and physical movement patterns and habits are developing that will effect them the rest of their life.

This 90 minute training is a game changer, teaching precise alignment and proper breathing. Often, chronic issues disappear and instead of temporary relief you now create lasting relief.

FM Yoga
▪ activates dormant muscles
▪ eliminate the need for some muscles to compensate for inhibited
▪ improve muscular strength and power
▪ think more clearly
▪ react more quickly
▪ feel better overall
▪ improve sleep patterns
▪ eliminate stress and anxiety

This is a 90 minute private class $100.