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Origins of the CYA

In the western world the culture of Yoga is beginning to emerge strongly as a new alternative towards health practices. Yet, as it is an eastern cultural perception, certain factions of the western world are trying to either control Yoga or exploit yoga; Both in the name of commerce.

The Canadian Yoga Alliance has been active since 2004 with a growing membership of over 2000 Canadian yoga teachers.

The Mission Statement of this alliance is to support the integrity of Yoga practices and philosophy in Canada and to commemorate our Yogic alliance with the East.

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Canadian Yoga Teacher Training

Canadian Yoga Alliance registers yoga training programs that provide excellence in yoga training. CYA Registered Schools have met the standard for world-class yoga training and proudly graduating first class Canadian yoga teachers year after year.

Continuing Education

Canadian Yoga Alliance promotes Continuing Education and encourages yoga teachers to stay informed and up-to-date in the latest yoga teachings and techniques. CYA welcomes and also registers Continuing Education Schools for both public and members.

Newsletter & Journal

Canadian Yogi offers Canadian Yoga Alliance members the opportunity to voice their opinions and stories in articles published on-line. Published twice yearly for members and public with free advertising for CYA members and paid advertising for public businesses.

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Insurance For Members

  • Offering the lowest liability insurance rates for yoga teachers in Canada. As a member of Canadian Yoga Alliance you can purchase insurance directly from your account whenever you need it.
  • Insurance starting at $150/1 Million liability premium
  • Overseas Insurance coverage for retreat teachers

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of up to 20% with select partners through the
CYA Preferred Partnership Program.

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Continuing Education

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As a proud member of the International Yoga Federation, the Canadian Yoga Alliance is committed to maintaining the integrity of Yoga practices throughout the world community. In Western society, CYA remembers the roots of yoga and honors the diversity of all cultural tradition worldwide.

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