May Moves Energy Workshop

Submitted by Noel Wright on April 16, 2021@1:58:PM

Welcome the month of May and the season of Spring. In this virtual workshop we will be exploring breath, sound, body, and yoga to move into Spring. Asanas, pranayama, meditation and crystal and Tibetan sounding bowls will be a part of this beautiful workshop

Noël and Theresa will guide you in this powerful energy practice using breath and body awareness through yoga and Qigong, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), meditation, and sound healing. Theresa will guide you into a deep theta state as you journey through your chakras using beautiful sound bowls. Noël will teach you the basics of using acupressure, 5 element yoga, and Qigong practices to recognize and correct imbalances in your energy, to boost immunity, reduce fatigue, stress, or insomnia. Your experiences of sound, movement, and breath will be sure to leave you feeling spacious, energized, and balanced.
Friday, April 30th, 6-8pm
Fee: $49
Early Bird Price: $39 – only available until April 23rd! Register online at
This workshop is virtual on Zoom