Online Weekend Retreat November 13 to 15th 2020

Submitted by Debra Zina Black Yoga School on November 10, 2020@9:20:AM

A few spots have opened up for this exploratory retreat, focusing on yin yoga, qigong, gentle yoga, restorative yoga and meditation. This is a small intimate gathering. Only two spots are available.

The retreat is designed to help us navigate our world and the uncertainty of our times and cultivate equanimity and loving kindness. You can come for the full weekend or just attend a few classes. The full online retreat will be $175 per person for the weekend. My goal is to take you on a reflective journey inwards.
The tentative schedule will look like this: a yin class and meditation on Friday night; an early morning meditation Saturday morning; then a gentle yoga or qi-gong class mid-morning with some walking meditation; a yin class late Saturday afternoon; a short restorative class and meditation Saturday night; Sunday morning an early morning meditation and then a class, a break for lunch, and a yin/meditation class to close. There will be plenty of down time for you to continue practicing in the comfort of your own home or to continue your usual weekend activity. We will also have plenty of time for discussion. There will be substantial breaks during the day and I think I'm also going to try to have us all come together for a least one meal -- perhaps a breakfast or lunch -- so we can commune together. And who knows there may be a period or two of silence. If you'd like more information please contact