Suspension Yoga™ Teacher Training

Submitted by The Flying Yogi on September 27, 2018@2:47:PM

NOV 23RD - NOV 26TH, 2018

Time: 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM

Includes a FULL-COLOUR TRAINING MANUAL plus FREE YOGIGYM®! (full value $1400)

What is Suspension Yoga™?

Suspension Yoga™ is an emerging aerial movement modality with an unparalleled versatility that lends itself to a wide range of class settings. It alters our relationship to gravity and creates a whole new way of experiencing the body. Learn how to move through space with grace and mindfulness and renew your vital energy through introducing mobility, fluidity and playfulness into your life and that of your clients.

Why teach Suspension Yoga™?
More and more people are being drawn daily to Suspension Yoga™ because of its many benefits and just how wonderful it makes them feel. However, currently there are simply not enough qualified instructors to meet this rapidly rising demand
Discover a whole new dimension to your yoga practice by taking it to flight!


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