New YA president Richard Karpel Stepping Down

Submitted on March 04, 2015@8:20:AM

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Earlier this week Yoga Alliance quietly announced in an email to its members that Richard Karpel, President of Yoga Alliance and the Yoga Alliance Registry, will be stepping down later this year. This is somewhat unnerving and unfortunate news. Some may remember Karpel joined the organization as president in 2012 and basically saved YA from imminent demise. Under his leadership, YA went from a sad state of affairs of being practically useless to the community, to being a more supportive, outspoken and, dare we say, commendable entity taking responsibility and taking a stance on matters of importance (see: YogaGlo patent issue, the Yoga Tax, health insurance perks, and actually answering phone calls.) With Karpel leaving, will that be the end of Yoga Alliances rise to any shred of reliability?

I have loved every minute I have served as Yoga Alliances president, working on behalf of the yoga community. But its time for me to move onto the next chapter in my life and career, Karpel is quoted in the newsletter that was sent out late on Wednesday night with the subject line Announcement from Yoga Alliance.

The email listed the many changes that happened under Karpels watch including a re-branded website and a refreshed mission to be more accountable and active in professional yoga space, as well as, in short, getting their shit together. Read the entire email online here.

A second email from the YA board of directors followed earlier today acknowledging Richard Karpels announcement and his accomplishments, as well as attempting to answer a lot of questions that likely flooded their inboxes, which we assume went a lot like WTF? and Whos taking over now? and What does it all mean??

According to this email from the board, Chief Operating Officer Barbara Dobberthien will be taking over the commanding position.