Advanced Pranayama - 7 Week online course Oct 17th

Submitted by Om-Line Yoga and Ayurveda Courses on August 25, 2021@1:12:PM

The course is a 7 week program in Advanced Pranayama (breath work). We will explore both traditional wisdom and contemporary research, as well as diving deeply into various practices. I have been creating it over the last year and diving deeply into the practices myself and so I'm super excited to share it.

For each week of the course we will:
-Look at traditional wisdom around all aspects of Prana and life energy
-Dive into the science of breathing and research around breath work
-Explore a particular pranayama (we will keep adding one each week until we are doing a full pranayama practice)
-Have a live session to practice together and have discussions about what we are learning (all live sessions are optional)
-The course will start mid October (17th) and run for 7 weeks.
-We will have a Moodle site for the course materials and you can go through them at your own pace over the 7 weeks
-Live sessions (once per week) are optional and will be held in Microsoft Teams (day and time TBD)
-The cost of the course is $300