100 Hour Meditation Teacher training

Submitted by Art Rocks & Healing Yoga on January 30, 2020@7:30:PM

100 Hour Meditation Teacher Training Certification Program Techniques Training/Practice (50 hours) Teaching methodology (20 hours) Classical Yoga Philosophy (20 hours) Ethics, Lifestyle and Karma Yoga (5 hour) Within this course, you will receive all the necessary training materials to teach Meditation a t a Professional Level, as a Certified Meditation Yoga Teacher ! This program is structured on the Teachings of Patanjali, the Foundation of the Eight Limbs of Yoga as set out in the Sutra. We will also study The Bhagavad Gita the ancient text out of India. You will learn Yogic philosophy, Yoga teacher methodology, helping students to understand the benefits of daily Meditation practice as well as deepening your own daily practice. Ahimsa is our goal throughout all our practices. Non - Harm to self as well as to others, this applies to all aspects of our training teaching. You will also learn about yamas, Niyamas, chakras, bandhas, mudras, relaxation techniques, meditation, and Yoga

We meet for the following weekends 8 am to 4 pm in addition we meet every Tuesday from 7 pm to 8 pm for 14 weeks
September 19th
October 17th
November 21st
December 12th
January 16th
Cost of the program which includes Material is $1500.00 + HST
Application for Registration deadline is August 01, 2020
Year of Program 2019-20 Starts in September

Contact me @ 289-244-0851 email Audrey.omarra@gmail.com