Yin and Creativity

Submitted by Debra Zina Black Yoga School on September 19, 2019@2:15:PM

A one day workshop at The Remote Gallery in downtown Toronto dedicated to stimulating creativity through the practice of yin yoga and meditation. Date: Saturday November 30.

Creativity is something we all have, but it needs to be nurtured and cultivated. Yin yoga and meditation are avenues that can help you open up spaces in both your mind and your heart to allow you to create something inspirational. On Saturday November 30th writer, yin yoga and meditation teacher Debra Black will join forces with visual artist, yogi and teacher Janne Reuss for a one-day workshop to be held at the Remote Gallery at 568 Richmond Street in downtown Toronto from 10am to 5pm. We will be diving deep into yin and meditation as well as artistic exercises to help you open up your channels of creativity.
Debra will lead the first part of the workshop, teaching a meditation and yin class that will be directed towards stimulating Qi or life energy in the areas of the body that are associated with creativity. Then she will do some writing exercises with students, allowing them time to create their own short poems or haikus.
In the second part of the workshop Janne will share her experiences and guide students to connect with their intuition and creativity. She will lead students through fun, experimental exercises and each person will have the opportunity to create a small personal object to take home. The cost of the workshop will be $120 each (Materials are included.) No experience in writing, art or yoga is required. Workshop is open to all. For more information contact debrazina@hotmail.com or mjann00@gmail.com