CHAKRA TRAINING - Online, at all times

Submitted by Baba Yoga on May 12, 2021@12:06:PM

This seven-month course is composed of monthly sessions of individual lessons (online meeting) and is centered around a daily personal practice that will allow you to deepen your understanding of each major chakras and most of the sensations and emotions connected to them. More than just a theoretical and symbolic study of the chakras, this course will teach you to take a different look at yourself. A personalized follow-up (by email) is also included in the course.

Live meeting: 14 one-hour sessions (twice a month, usually the first two weeks of each month).

Your personal practice: 86 hours: a practice schedule will be given at the beginning of each month. The duration of your daily practice is about 30 minutes (it varies from one chakra to another). These hours of personal practice are very important and are the essence of this course; it requires a serious commitment from you.

Total training duration: 100 hours

Date and time: we set up a regular schedule that fits your availability.

Course fee: 400$ - CAD
Information and registration:

A certificate will be awarded after completing the entire course as well as the exam.