Introduction to Ayurveda

Submitted by The Flying Yogi on April 01, 2021@12:59:PM

with Lindsey Omelon

Ayurveda is an ancient traditional healing system and the medical side of the yogic sciences. It includes all methods of healing from diet, herbs, exercise and lifestyle regiments to yogic practices and meditation. By discovering your dominant Dosha, how it affects your behaviour, your health, your relationships, and the overall quality of your existence. You will learn specialized asana practices, breathing, diet, and meditation habits. As a result, it will help restore you to a Sattvic lifestyle. (full of energy, mental clarity and emotional balance )

As a teacher, you will become more informed so that you can begin to easily recognize your student’s Doshas. This knowledge will be hugely valuable because it comes to guiding them toward an appropriate and sustainable practice.

Continued Education Credits: 8 Hours
Tuition: $195
Activation Date: March 5th