Clairvida 300 Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

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Syllabus includes:

Technique and training for classical form of traditional asanas, including Sanskrit names, cues, theoretical and anatomical form, and breakdowns. In-depth study of 30 postures including Savasana and a selection of classical Standing Postures, Backbends, core postures, Forward Folds, Supine Poses, Inversions & Arm Balances.

How to deal with common contraindications and modifications for a therapeutic yoga approach. Benefits of yoga.
Restorative techniques and the use of props to assist
in modification, removal of strain, and providing
accessibility within asana practice. Includes one
30-minute practicum

Understanding the Yoga Sutra: An applied study of
Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, and an exploration of the
interpretation and structures it provides (ie; Yamas
and niyamas, etc.) Includes a written practicum (30

The Bhagavad Gita: Students must read a translation
of the Bhagavad Gita prior to completing this
module. In this module, we explore some of the
themes introduced in the relationship between
Arjuna and Krishna, (including the concepts of
Dharma, the Atman-Brahman relationship, etc.).

Ishta Devatas: Myths of Yoga: Understanding some
of Yoga’s most popular dieties, and how they inspire
or inform our asana practice. Noting how the
experience of an asana may be impacted by the
context of the myth it relates to. Practicum includes
a 15 minute Dharma talk on each of two myths
discussed in class.

The Subtle Body, Meditation and Mantras: Learning
how the chanting of Mantras, Japa mala meditation,
Kirtan and other chanting forms can influence the
subtle and energetic body, and attending or
participating in a minimum of three separate events
or practices of the above, outside of our yoga
classroom. (Ie; attend a kirtan, visit a temple, etc.
and provide an in depth written or videotaped oral
report on your experience and observations, as they
pertain to the subtle body, emotional body, etc.).

20 hours of Karma Yoga practice: The definition of Karma is
refined and clarified if any common
misunderstandings of the word exist. 20 hours
dedicated toward their Karma Yoga practice- whether
it is the donation of proceeds from practice teaching
classes to a local charity organization, or
volunteering their time towards serving others, such
as a hospital, shelter, temple, or other organization
in their area (in alignment with current COVID-19

Business of Yoga module- 20 hours of Tips, tools, techniques,
and strategies for beginning a yoga business or enter
the yoga teaching profession. An understanding of
teacher auditions, available registrations and
accreditations, and business principles and practices
to support students in their professional entry into
the yoga industry, and tips for Building Your
Community (Branding, Ethics, Etiquette, and

Book Report: Read one additional text from an
approved list, related to an area of special interest
within the yoga practice. Submit a 1000 essay,
article or book report on the topic, the text, and how
it pertains to your yoga practice.

Open-book practice quizzes: throughout the
modules, practice-quizzes and presentations are
included as part of their non-contact hours. (Total 10
quizzes for 200 RYT, 30 quizzes for 300 RYT. 15-30
minutes each. )

Access to over 50 on-demand yoga classes, live stream classes, (and live classes, restrictions permitting and in alignment with current COVID-19 protocols).

One final practicum in which you will confidently learn, write, and deliver your very own 60-minute yoga class (in alignment with current COVID-19 protocols).

Next Course begins Friday, September 10th.

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Paid in Full: $3,333.00 CAD
(Includes a BONUS Branding Kit and custom logo, so you can promote your yoga business with confidence and ease!)

Payment Plan: 12 monthly payments of $313.86**

**Please note, this is an advanced Yoga Teacher Training. Previous 200 Hour YTT is recommended- or may be taken in conjunction with this training. 200 and 500 YTT combined registrations are available. All certificates will be issued once payment is complete, and all course work, exams, and required modules have been completed and passed.

You can retake all written and practicum exams an unlimited number of times, and at your own pace. You have 365 days from the course start date to complete all modules. Extensions beyond one year are also available for a small fee.

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