Deeper Dimensions of Yoga Study of the Sutra's

Submitted by Art Rocks & Healing Yoga on May 29, 2020@4:36:PM

We begin in September
It will be a 100 hour Comprehensive study of the Patanjali Sutra's, and how to apply them to your every day life, as well as compliment your current teaching programs.

This will be a Hybrid course, available via zoom as well beginning in September and running until April of the following year
A comprehensive study of the Ancient Text The Patanjali Sutra's
we will work through the Eight Limbs of Yoga to bring about transformation towards Unity of Mind, body, breath and Spirit
This program is open to anyone who wants to dig deep into the teachings of Yoga and how it can transform you.

The course will include

Contact hours will be Video Calls/in person

You will have access to the Virtual Teacher Training Page

We will work through the 8 Limbs of Yoga and learn how to apply them to our day to day life, to enrich our health, in mind, body, and soul.

we will cover the following

Pranayama theory and practice
Asana theory and practice
Meditation practices theory and practice

The course will include a Study Hand book, a copy of the Patanjali Sutra's in English
The cost of the course
$2000.00 plus HST
All applications Due no later than August 31, 2023
please visit website for application or call 289-244-0851