50-Hr Nada Yoga Facilitator Training Program 2020

Submitted by Art Rocks & Healing Yoga on May 29, 2020@4:36:PM

Healing, health, and higher consciousness through sound and music.

Sound and music activate the whole brain, synchronize right and left hemispheres and change the body at the cellular level. Body and brain are healed, primal vibration is experienced; an ever-expanding consciousness enters in pure silence the source of all sounds.

In this 50 hours certification program, through chants, singing, music, and movements from many traditions, you will explore the most powerful and safest way to meditate, help others suffering from health problems including chronic pain, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, addictions, stress, anxiety, and depression.

The program will help you to discover your Natural Self to live in flow and well being and express your creative potential in the world.

This program is meant for anyone who is interested in meditation, healing and managing health problems through sound, music, and movements and arriving at higher levels of consciousness.

Yoga and meditation teachers, healers, health workers can integrate Nada Yoga in their teachings, practice, and therapy.

Online - June 2020

Fee: $300