Certified Meditation Teacher

Submitted by Womyn's Path of Healing Wellness Sanctuary on May 02, 2017@4:39:PM

This course (200hrs) is recognised by the International Meditation Teachers Association and will be available July 2017.
The tuition for this course is priced at $ 460 CAD and includes all text books (see the list below), your manual, consistent lesson feedback via email, as well as skype, phone, or in-person contact.

Book List:

"Meditation made easy" by Lorin Roche

"The posture of Meditation. A practical manual for Meditators of all Traditions" by Will Johnson

"Yoga Nidra. A meditative practice for deep Relaxation and Healing" by Richard Miller

"Mindfulness in plain English" by Bhante Henepola Gunaratana