Partner/Acro Yoga Teacher Training

Submitted by The Flying Yogi on June 01, 2016@11:36:AM

Partner & Acro yoga is a powerful healing tool not only for the physical body systems but for the spiritual body, as well. Requiring you to work together with another person, it helps you to become fully present in the moment and asks you to look at the world from another perspective. Bringing belief systems to your attention to be addressed, observed and most likely to change. It conditions the mind and body, while daring you to trust in the strength of your own body and another person. Encouraging us to open our minds with the idea of what is possible and supporting positive physical contact. We can build communities from a place of play and loving kindness. It’s the yoga of relationships, communication and trust. It’s beautiful to see the way people can work together to create wonderful shapes, feats of strength and flexibility with celebration of the process between the base, flyer and spotters. Eventually you can learn to practice together and it becomes like a beautiful choreographed dance.

Join us for an introduction of how to work with 2 people or more to deepen and support our usual yoga poses. Feel confident in how to teach to others and understand how we can help each other to progress our practice. Experiencing Acro Yoga, balancing on another person strengthens your proprioception immensely and you learn useful communication skills.

Manual provided.

Continued Education Credits: 6 Hours
Tuition: $150 single, $275 couple