Rainbow Yoga 200/300hr TT, Aug 1-28, Tuscany,Italy

Submitted by Rainbow Yoga Training on May 18, 2016@12:14:AM


After successful completion of the teacher training requirements, you will be certified to teach all of the following:

- Fertility Yoga
- Prenatal Yoga
- Postnatal Yoga
- Baby Yoga
- Yoga for Kids
- Yoga for Teens
- Yoga in the Classroom
- Family Yoga (Intergenerational yoga for children,
parent and even grandparents to do together)
- Community Yoga (Interactive fun and engaging
yoga done as a group practice)
- Partner Yoga and Tantra
- Wise Women Yoga (Nurturing and honoring the natural
cycles of a woman's body)
- Yoga Therapy
- Senior Yoga

This 200/300 hour residential Teacher Training will be held at Ebbio, a beautiful 14th century Tuscan farmhouse and yoga retreat center located in the breathtaking countryside of Tuscany, Italy. Ebbio is a magical place surrounded by an evergreen forest, nestled in the heart of an old volcano that was sacred to the Etruscans. It is also a working organic farm and vineyard, as well as a sanctuary for many animals, including beautiful horses, donkeys, geese and chickens. Blending authentic Tuscany with mind, body & soul.

Ebbio has been described by our past graduates as "stunning" and "a truly magical place."

Nourish yourself with delicious, mostly organic and local vegan food. You will enjoy a wide range of taste-tempting, freshly prepared dishes, made with love and imagination, from super-healthy to super-naughty and everything in between!

Relax and restore in the rustic yet refined accommodation, all while learning to be an expert in Yoga, the Rainbow Style… something that only Angel and Gopala, and their amazing team that joins them, can offer.

From partnership and pre conception to forming a family and strengthening a community, be ready to be inspired and inspire the world with this new Yoga!

"The course is brilliant for all teachers of different subjects, for parents, for yoga teachers. You will laugh, cry, sweat and connect with people from all over the world and make friends with them".

The 200/300 Hour Rainbow Yoga Teacher Training is a fun, enriching and intensive Yoga experience. We will study and practice for about 10 hours per day, but there will still be some free time to relax and enjoy in Ebbio's pool, take in the majestic scenery that surrounds you! Plus - there will be one full day off each week, to explore the nearby ancient castle of Monteriggioni and the Tuscan countryside. (Siena is only 15 mins away, for example), we also coordinate other fun activities and field trips or you can just relax and enjoy the Ebbio grounds.

"I would first recommend this training to all my friends who are into yoga and a little bit too serious about it. I would also recommend the training to all the persons in my life who need to bring back joy and positive thinking into their life."

The Rainbow Family Yoga 200/300hr Teacher Training is intensive and requires full participation.

You don't have to be a yoga teacher to take the course, but you must have a regular yoga practice. In a competitive world, where there are hundreds and sometimes thousands of yoga teachers in every city, we want to offer you the best start. We believe that to be a successful yoga teacher you need to have passion and knowledge, but also a specialization.

This training is a wonderful way to start your yoga career - if it’s your first yoga teacher training. Or it can be a way to specialize - if you are already a yoga teacher. We will also attempt to open your mind and heart, and to empower you to become part of this constant evolution of yoga. This course is open for anyone who is passionate about life.

We are the present of yoga, but you are the future!

“The RKY course is intense, powerful and amazing. I learned an incredible amount – Yoga, teaching tools, sequencing, life skills and I learned it in depth – in a fun magical way. Crazy full of surprises, fabulous!

As a teacher trainee you will receive:

Three exquisite vegetarian buffet meals a day - breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mostly Italian style
27 Nights traditional Tuscan shared accommodation
A detailed Teachers’ Manual - for each of the specialized topics
Rainbow Yoga Certificate recognized by the US, the UK Yoga Alliances and Yoga Australia
Birthlight Level 1 Teaching Certification
Listing on the Rainbow Yoga Website as a 200 or 300 hour teacher
The best start for your yoga career with our Yoga Specialties and enlightened business teachings
Everlasting friendships and support from our international community

This training is recommended for both those where this would be their first yoga teacher training, and for those who have already taken a 200 Hour Teacher Training course prior.

If this is your first, you will be able to register for the 200hr level with the yoga alliance. If this teacher training is your second time, this training would be your Yoga Alliance 300hr level teacher training. With this second training, you would be able to register with the USA Yoga Alliance to be a 500hr level yoga teacher.