Elizabeth Gaal (CYA-RYT 500 Member)

  • Location: Kentville, Nova Scotia Canada
  • Website: yogawithelizabeth.ca
  • E-mail: elizabethgaal@yogawithelizabeth.ca
  • Service Offered: Higher-Self Living Sessions, Yoga, Reiki, Warm Stone Relaxation Therapy,
  • Certified: Reiki Master, Warm Stone Massage, Integrated Energy Therapy, Global Dance, Amrit Yoga Institute
  • Years of Practice: 30+
  • Teaching Experience: 25+
  • Professor, Guru or Teachers: Swami Rama, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Swami Kripalu, Amrit Desai, Todd Norian, Stephen Cope, Anodea Judith, Doug Keller, Yogi Bhajan, Rod Stryker, Rama Birch, Ted Grand
  • Date Joined: January 27, 2014
  • CYA Insurance: No

About Me

Starting in the 80's on my own healing journey struggling with depression, addiction, PTSD, OCD and being gifted with a sensitive nervous system. Yoga guided me to a place of being able to live my life in a more manageable, holistic, peaceful and empowered way. Coming from a deep place of compassion and acceptance my mission is to share these teachings with others by creating a safe and sacred space for others to heal, to be empowered and to connect to their inner wellspring of resources and vitality. In order to live with less struggle and experience more satisfaction, joy and fulfillment in life.

About My Service

Higher-Self Living - In all that I offer whether through Yoga or Private Energy Sessions, I help to facilitate one in releasing the false self/beliefs and re-connect to higher-self or true self/wholeness. This is where inner peace, vitality, clarity, wisdom, intuition etc. is accessed. The more one connects to this space within the more it becomes a natural state of being.

I specialize in the Healing Art of Yoga through Meditation in Motion. Offering both gentle and flow style classes. Focusing on body, mind, breath awareness, pelvic/core strengthening, as well as building strength in the whole body, balancing this with flexibility and learning how to release habitual holding patterns in the body, breath training to cultivate healthy breathing patterns, as well as pranayama. "Elizabeth teaches spontaneously from the heart, emphasizing body and breath awareness, as well as the energetic healing effects that are happening in yoga asana (postures). She weaves the ancient philosophy and science of yoga and meditation into her classes/workshops/retreats/healing sessions."

Also offer Private Reiki Sessions and Warm Stone Massage that incorporate Ancient Yogic Healing Techniques for a of yoga and meditation into my classes/workshops/retreats/healing sessions.experience of peace,healing and wholeness. As well as Private Restorative Yoga and Reiki Sessions, receiving the benefits of a restorative yoga class with the extra healing effects of Reiki energy.

Continued Education