Continued Education

Karma Yoga Classes 2011

December 06, 2011@12:48:AM

Starting in January 2011, I started teaching yoga in my neighbour's basement. This was a symbiotic relationship with my (usually) three students learning yoga basics and me putting in to practice the art of developing a class structure, providing instruction using the proper language and responding well to the varied needs. As members of the over 50 set, we all laughed a lot and learned to trust ourselves, listen to our bodies, only going to the edge and not beyond, breathing through the more difficult times and loving the savasana and meditation. From January to September we practiced every Wednesday evening and Sunday morning, 1/25 hours each time, for a rough total of 60 September, when I went public at the local studio on Sunday mornings, the Karma yoga classes in the basement continued on Wednesday evenings, for another estimated 15 hours.