Continued Education

Yoga Therapy Collection-Knees: 4 hrs, 2/7/21

March 07, 2021@12:47:PM

1. A Practice to Ease Achy Joints with Britt Steele (20:58) Move excess wind out of the body. Directing the breath, how pranayama moves through the body. Stretching feet, ankles, toes. Releasing vata from our busy lives.

2. Yoga Therapy for Knee Troubles with Janie Stover Schmitt (18:14) Pattern of use and chronic misalignment. Foot, ankles and hips. Lifting toes activates all of the arches and works with action of feet, fibula and tibula and aligns knees.

3. Support the Knee in Yoga Practice with Ana Margret Sanchez (10:35) Lifting quads to support knees. Lift toes in standing poses to activate quads and arches of feet: Mountain Pose, Warrior 1, 2 and Triangle poses.

4. A Practice for Tight Calves with David Nelson (12:20) Standing on a block, lower heels as you straighten legs. Practice upward facing dog on a wall, downward dog, utkatasana, Vera 1, Malasana.

5. Learning Knee to Hip Alignment with Beth Spindler (19:45) Knee to pelvis connection, knee to chest, splay toes and clasp behind thigh. Watch alignment with knee to patella. Nerve connection from one leg to the other. Work with roller or tennis ball to correct opposite knee. Roll all fascia. Use block against the wall while lunging. Press side of knee into block for alignment.

6. The Key to Unlocking Locked Knees with Cindy Collar (12:07) Dandasana, press thighs down to engage quads to help knees. Downward dog, triangle; press toes down to engage calf muscles.