Continued Education

Therapeutic Yoga Intensive: Oct 2020 -6-Day/30 hrs

November 30, 2020@12:28:PM

This is a foundational program for health professionals and yoga teachers. It is a stand alone program as well as so the first step in the IAYT Yoga Therapy Certification Process.

A key component that provides ​an incredible amount of objective feedback is our body.​ ​When we see our body as a barometer, positive change happens quickly.

When you learn how your body functions, how it actually moves and then understand what it is communicating to you, you have the ability to decode its symptoms and the ability to truly understand what is needed.
Our body tries to keep up with our desires and ambitions …with the various activities we want to do….. and it will compensate to do that. Our body compensates in movement, and in energy usage – until it can no longer keep up.
Yoga is a practice of awareness. It involves us getting quiet enough to be able to listen, to be able to see, and then to act on it. As a teacher, this awareness becomes presence. It is a key ingredient to improving our results.