Continued Education

Trauma Therapy: A Somatic Approach

June 09, 2020@3:42:PM

Through Embodied Philosophy taught by Dr. Albert Wong
Dr. Albert Wong is the Director of Somatic Psychology at JFK University and and a leading clinician and educator in the field of somatics. Trauma therapy from a somatic perspective invites us to reconnect with the oft-forgotten “felt sense” of the body. Instead of working strictly from a talk-therapy approach, somatic psychotherapy uses the wisdom of the body to help guide a client out and through. In this course, Dr. Albert Wong will share the underlying principles of trauma therapy from a somatic perspective, including tools we can use with our clients, ourselves, and those we love.

Students will learn to help clients resource, stabilize, process, metabolize and integrate experiences of trauma. Topics covered will include: the neurobiology of trauma, polyvagal theory, fractionation, full-octave experiencing, orienting, tracking sensation, the window of tolerance, the three phase and three boards models of trauma treatment, identifying and installing resources, polyvagal mapping, working with implicit memory, pendulation, dual awareness, assessing and regulating traumatic arousal, and stabilization. Additional attention will be given to understanding and treating dissociation and fragmentation, the neurobiology of trauma, and polyvagal approaches to treating trauma.
- 4 week course
4 Live, Interactive Zoom Sessions
4 Q&As with Dr. Albert Wong
4 Downloadable Videos & MP3s
Course Readings
10 Embodied Philosophy Credits
10 Yoga Alliance Cont. Ed. Credits
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