Continued Education

The Dharmic Warrior Immersion 2019

June 02, 2020@11:12:AM

5-day event hosted by Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Jai Dev Singh. This retreat is designed for those looking to experience profound heart opening via the lightning path of Kundalini Yoga’s most powerful practices. A liberated mind is an advanced space of consciousness, but it’s also a realistic and attainable space of consciousness for every human being.

Usually, we’re pursuing liberation for ourselves, focusing on our own healing, our own karma, and our own spiritual progress. This is useful to a certain point—but it will only get us so far. We want to make a fundamental shift in our intent so that all of the work and energy we give to our practice is dedicated to the happiness and bliss of all other beings too. Only then will we find the lightning path that will push us forward to new depths in our practice—the path of arousing and cultivating the compassionate heart inside of us.