Continued Education

Reiki Level 1-16 Hours

May 22, 2017@3:53:PM

Reiki Level 1
Flin Flon Yoga & Wellness- Shannon Smadella -Reiki Master
Heal Yourself and Others, Basic Introduction to the Chakras – November 26 -November 27- 2016
16 Hours
You receive the Level 1 empowerment.
The history of Usui Mikao’s teachings is reviewed.
You practice a full self treatment.
You learn the hand positions to give a complete Reiki treatment.
You are introduced to the Byosen scanning technique
( scanning a person for imbalances prior to doing a session).
You practice giving a complete Reiki treatment with other participants
We discuss the possibility of a 21-day cleanse.
We explore the five Reiki principles devised by Dr. Usui.
Energy healing practices, tools and concepts are introduced.
In this 2 day Reiki class, you become initiated into the system of Reiki. There is no pre-requisite; absolute beginners to energetically experienced practitioners are welcomed. You learn a solid foundation to practice Reiki for life.
At the beginning of the class, each student receives a very complete Reiki manual that includes all of Reiki Level I information.
Each student receives a Usui Reiki Level I Certificate.