Traci Trimble (CYA-IR Member)

  • Location: Brooklin, Ontario Canada
  • Website:
  • E-mail:
  • Service Offered: Metaphysical Services, Reiki
  • Certified: Metaphysical Practitioner, Reiki Shinpinden, Ordained Minister (Metaphysics)
  • Years of Practice: 13
  • Teaching Experience: 8
  • Professor, Guru or Teachers: Professors: Dr. Paul Leon Masters, International Metaphysical Ministry, University of Sedona, BA in Metaphysical Sciences & Masters in Metaphysical Meditation (June 2016 & doctorate Metaphysical Counseling in 2017); Metaphysical Practitioner Diploma & Ordination as non-denominational Minister) Reiki Master Teacher: Shari Hartry; Reiki Master Mentor: Andrea Connell Yoga Training Teacher: Tracey McDonald, Kaleidoscope Spirit
  • Date Joined: May 20, 2016
  • CYA Insurance: No

About Me

Traci is dedicated to Educating Women to Empower themselves to Evolve through Self Awareness. As a Metaphysician in the field of Energy Psychology, Traci specializes in treating emotional trauma that causes acute stress, anxiety and depression. Her purpose is to share the tools that have saved her from a life of clinical depression, such as a Connection to Source, Reiki, and Meditation.

As a Teacher, she is in service as a Business Mentor & Spiritual Guide to women entrepreneurs who are dedicated to creating and maintaining conscious businesses.

She is an Empowerment Coach who holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, a Bachelor of Metaphysical Science, a Masters in Metaphysical Meditation, received her Bachelor of Education and is certified in Talk Therapy.

As an Energy Worker, Traci is certified both as a Usui Reiki Shinpinden® (Reiki Master Teacher) and as a BioEnergetic Therapist specializing in BEAM™ therapy (bioenergetic emotional access method).

She is also a Student, currently pursuing her Doctor of Metaphysical Counseling and her Ph.D in Holistic Life Coaching.

As a Reverend, with the non-denominational title of Minister, and registered through the International Metaphysical Ministry out of the University of Sedona, Traci is passionate about teaching Self Awareness and Spiritual Connection through ongoing personal and business development programs like Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Discover Your Authentic Self, Learn the Art of Meditation, and Conscious Entrepreneur.

Her platform is a well-being movement called The Self Care Evolution where she is a workshop facilitator, a speaker and the author of the forthcoming book "4 Levels of Self Awareness ~ A Guide to an Empowered Life". Today, she is a Solopreneur in Professional Practice through True Path Consulting in Brooklin, Ontario, Canada.

About My Service

1) Reiki Certification - 1st Degree: Shoden (12hour), 2nd Degree: Okuden (12 hour) and Master/Teacher: Shinpinden (112hour). All degrees are compliant with Usui Teate Master Teacher Training;

2) Chakra Balancing Level One - Self Care™ (12 hour) and Level Two - Caring for Others™ (10 hour). Each my own custom designed program utilizing Metaphysics, Energy Psychology, Reiki and Eastern Chakra System Medicine;

3) Conscious Entrepreneur™ (24 hours.) My own custom designed business mentoring system that teaches "in-service" entrepreneurs how to build a conscious business that creates and maintains both balance and prosperity.

4) Learn the Art of Meditation™ (12 hours) My own custom design program introduces 4 form of meditation from mainstream to mystic and teaches one to find the most empowering practice for their current lifestyle.

5) Monthly Unlimited Meditation Circle each weekday except Wednesday for $25 a month.

6) Yoga Teacher Training 100-hour supplement. Traci joins YTT programs as a guest Teacher to add an additional 100 hours to your program that includes 75 contact hours with Chakra Balancing (24hr), The Art of Meditation™ (12hr), Conscious Entrepreneur™ (24 hr), plus Energy Healing Circles x5 sessions (15 hr); And 25 non-contact hours with a 2.5 day Vipassana (Silent Meditation) Retreat (25 hr). This program runs for over a period of 5 months. months

Traci offers one-on-one Coaching for both personal and business development; she also offers Spiritual Guidance sessions.

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