TriAngel Yoga (CYA-RYS 200 Member)

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  • Phone: +852 54887074
  • Address: 2/F PARKES COMM BLDG Parkes St
  • Location: Hong Kong, Other China
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  • Service Offered: Hatha
  • Type of Certification Granted: 200 Hrs Hatha Yoga
  • Years in Operation: N/A
  • Date Joined: February 02, 2021

School Info

TriAngel Yoga was founded in January 2017,From a small yoga studio to today there are three yoga studios with six classrooms,Our team of instructors has more than 10 years of yoga teaching experience,Types of constant yoga classes, novel aerial yoga classes, and mat yoga classes, to meet the needs and learning goals of students of different ages.

Course Outline

1.Anatomy & Physiology(30HRS)
-Western anatomy and physiology, body systems and organs,
-Bones, muscles, joints, nervous system, etc.
2.Study of Asanas(50HRS)
Learn 100 yoga asanas, learn asana types, set preparations, taboos, asana benefits, asana steps, asana key techniques and positions (ALIGNMENT), common errors, asana changes and adjustments.
3.Study of Pranayama(10hrs)
Learn the history and background of breathing method, the relationship between breathing method and subtle body and its influence on the body, the origin and importance of breathing method, how to create space and energy inside the body, and the connection between breathing method and subtle body.
Learn different types of breathing methods and practice techniques, and enhance body energy through the spaces and changes that breathing methods produce on the subtle body.
4。Study of Energy Systems(10HRS)
Explain the skills of each yoga class planning process, understand the classification of asanas, such as: standing, sitting, supine, prone, forward bend, back bend, side bend, twist, hand balance, single-leg balance and handstand, and be smooth according to the category Prepare the classroom process carefully. In the classroom, the intention and goals of the classroom will be formulated, and the challenge styles in the classroom will be selected. Prepare for the challenge poses at the beginning and middle of the class, and make appropriate relief for the break (SAVASANA) before the end of the class. ready. The teacher will first check the yoga class process written by the students, make sure that the class is safe, and then proceed to practice teaching.
5。Study of Energy Bodies(15HRS)
6.Yoga Philosophy (30HRS)
Explain the evolution and thinking of yoga:
The origin and history of yoga
Explain that yoga is not only a method of cultivating the mind and health, but also knowing what is suffering in the world (Suffering), what is suffering, self-common and Brahman in spiritual practice.
Atman is one with brahman
How to achieve enlightement from ignorance
Hatha yoga and tantra yoga everything depends on two powers: consciousness (chit) and energy (prana)
The Three Guna’s
The four main schools of yoga
Bhakti Yoga
jnana yoga
Karm Yoga
Raja Yoga
3 yoga classics were selected for the course
Pantanjali Yoga Sutra,
Hatha Yoga,
Pradipika, Bhagavad Gītā

7.Teaching Methodology(55hrs)
Explain the different learning models,
Three learning modes
The Three Learning Styles
Voice Coaching
Asana principle
Principles of Demonstrating Asana
class management
practicum(practice teaching)
pacing techniques