Lava Yoga (CYA-RYS 500 Member)

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  • Phone: 6478854448
  • Address: 1 Simcoe St. N.
  • Location: Oshawa, Ontario Canada
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  • Service Offered: Hot Vinyasa, Yin, Ashtanga
  • Type of Certification Granted: 300 Hour
  • Years in Operation: N/A
  • Date Joined: March 05, 2020

School Info

Lava offers a serene sanctuary to get away from the busy of life while you move, breathe, rest your body, meditate and connect. Lava has a wide variety of yoga class styles to choose from on a daily basis for beginner, intermediate or advanced participants. We offer 36 hours of classes per week and are open 7 days. Click on the "Schedule" circle on the top left corner of the page to review the classes. Our team of teachers is the best and most knowledgeable in the Durham Region.
We believe yoga is an exaggeration of life and how living life is a continuous flow from the beginning to the end; your practice should allow you to be on your mat every day. Looking to mediate or get sweaty, or both? The LAVA variety will allow you to consistently practice and stay healthy & connected to the journey within.

Lava Yoga is warmed with infrared heating panels recommended by doctors. We host classes with varied temperatures ranging from Reduced Heat (27-29C) to Hot (33-35C). There are a host of health benefits associated with infrared heat sources yet also a few health reasons to avoid infrared heat sources. Ask your doctor or read through this link to understand more about how infrared will benefit you.

Course Outline

300 HRS Curriculum
The 300 hour program is fitted in 12 weekends, Saturdays and Sundays excluding long weekend from 2 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

100 hours of the 300 hour is dedicated to your practice time and teaching time. You will need 50 hours of practice and 50 hours of teaching. The 50 hours teaching must be instructed and guided practice. The 50 hour teaching includes 20 hours of active teaching (solo teacher), 10 hours of assist and adjust, 10 hours of observe and 10 hours administration.

The first 6 weeks we focus on Yang Yoga. History, Philosophy, Energy Systems, Props, Poses, Breath, Gaze, Queuing, Sequencing and Week 7 we explore anatomy. Week 8 and 9 we focus on Yin Yoga. Week 10 we explore Restorative Yoga. Week 11 we explore meditation and mindfulness Week 12 we explore the world yoga business Week 13- we go to our destination to celebrate our new endless beginnings. Each teacher will teach an hour of their favorite sequence to their peers and will earn an hour of teaching time.

1 Simcoe St. N. Oshawa ON 905.725.5282 (LAVA)


Reading list

Required reading:
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Sri Swami Satchidananda The Power of Ashtanga Yoga, Kino Yin Yoga: Principles and Practice - 10th Anniversary Edition

Recommended reading:
Teaching People Not Poses by Jay Fields Mindfulness Yoga by Frank Jude BoccioYoga and meditation Teaching methodology

Part 1- Using the most traditional style of yang yoga, Ashtanga half primary, as the skeleton of the learnings of poses, postures, breath, gaze and queues to provide the new teachers with an everlasting treasure box. This treasure box holds tools of how to be more disciplined, more conscious, more focused and more determined. It is a conscious and present looking forward learning path to growth and expansion.

This sacred practice will draw an eternal road for your own growth and for your followers.

1 Simcoe St. N. Oshawa ON 905.725.5282 (LAVA)


Part 2- Using the most practical style of yin yoga, Paul Grilley, as the skeleton of the learnings of poses, postures, breath, gaze and queues to provide the new teachers with another everlasting treasure box. This treasure box holds tools of how to develop patience and avoid energy wastage over the impulsive and unnecessary vibrations of the mind. It speaks about the growth in stillness and “letting be”.

Part 3- How to rest, observe, and reflect on the Yang and the Yin energy to expand life energy circles.

Part 4- How inspirational, motivational and transformational leadership allows up to integrate our Yoga Practice to our day to day life, with our colleagues, family members and students.

Practice teaching
There is extensive time dedicated to preparing you to teach. You will lead small groups of your peers through several consecutive postures, followed by feedback. Special attention will be given to hands-on and verbal adjustments, as well as teaching you how to self-adjust. We will also focus on the use of props.

Basic anatomy
Here the program will give you an introduction to the body’s larger musculoskeletal and structures and systems.
1 Simcoe St. N. Oshawa ON 905.725.5282 (LAVA)


Functional anatomy
Here you explore the relationship between the structures of the body and poses and how the body moves and functions in each pose. Mindfulness yoga
You will learn mindfulness techniques to overcome suffering, heighten awareness and develop skills to increase empathy and understanding. Different breathing techniques and basics of meditation will be covered. Business of yoga
We learn about the IT systems, marketing tools and ethics in yoga industry. Presentations
Each student will pick one of their favorite topics and will present their new findings and learnings to their peers. The presentations are 0.5 hour and are a summary and informative session to teach your peers a bit more about the journey or to raise their awareness to a new path of exploration.