Y Knot Unwind Yoga Studio (CYA-RYS Gold Member)

  • E-mail: yknotunwind2@gmail.com
  • Phone: 289-209-8438
  • Address: 3212 Haldimand Rd 20
  • Location: Cayuga, Ontario Canada
  • Website: www.yknotunwind2.com
  • Service Offered: Hatha, Ayurveda Nutrition and Therapies, Aerial, Kundalini, Meditation , Ayurveda and Massage
  • Type of Certification Granted: 240 Hatha, 200 Meditation, Ayurveda Therapies
  • Years in Operation: 7
  • Date Joined: August 17, 2018

School Info

Y Knot Unwind is a small private yoga studio in the rural community of Haldimand. The school has partnered with Naturality Meditation and Ayuskama Ayurveda School l in Rishekesh India to provide a unique learning program. Our depth of knowledge pulls from the western traditions and culture and melds together with our Indian yogis to form a comprehensive teacher training not offered elsewhere.
Students will learn 100 hours of teacher training here at the studio and the other 100 at a residential 2 week intensive program in Rishekesh, India.

Course Outline

1. Anatomy and physiology. : . We will study movement , joints, muscles and ligaments. This will also cover people with disabilities and health issues . Students will learn how to adapt poses to the needs of their students . Physiology will also include the brain and meditation. The science behind the benefits and will be taught in part by Dr Pradeep Kumar. 30 Hours. ( 10 extra non contact hours of at home study)

2 Asanas: Students will be able to confidently teach 10 poses from each category from standing, sitting, twisting, forward and back bending etc. Also included will be the principals of asana practice, sequencing and adaption. 100 Hours

3.Study of Pranayama: Students will learn the benefits of breathing correctly and the underlying pranayama techniques, functions and benefits. 12 hours

4. Study of energy systems: Students will learn the different energy systems of the body including but not only Kundalini, nadis and the meridians. Bandhas will also be covered : 10 hours

5. Study of energy bodies : Students will learn the differences between the energy bodies in and around our bodies. Students will be introduced to the concepts of marma points. They will be taught the chakras which relate back to the brain and science.15 hours

6. Yoga Philosophy; Students will learn the origins, and the history of yoga. Students will be introduced to the 8 limbs of yoga and how they relate to todays living. 10 hours

7. Teaching Methodology: Students will be learning the ethics of teaching yoga including the yamas and niyamas and how they relate to ethics. They will learn how to sequence a class and teach to what they know and are comfortable with. They will learn what resources are available as well as adjustments. They will learn the importance of props. 15 hours

8. Mantra and mudras: Students will learn the meaning behind some of the most important mantras and their uses. They will learn to chant , om and how to introduce them in a class. They will learn how to use music and sound to their advantage. 10 Hours

9. Practicum: Each student must spent at least 10 hours assisting in class and or practice teaching some of the elements they have learned which will include pranayama, meditation, asanas and relaxation. 10 hours


Robin Mummery 200 Hour Ayurveda Therapies (Class of 2021)
Patricia Sutor 200 hour Ayurveda Therapies (Class of 2021)
Gaitri Brijmohan 100 Hour Ayurveda Therapies Level 1 (Class of 2021)
Liz Tudoreanu 100 Hour Ayurveda Therapies Level 1 (Class of 2021)
Jayne Chapman 100 Hour Ayurveda Therapies Level1 (Class of 2021)
Diane LeBLanc 200 Hour Ayurveda THerapies (Class of 2021)
Catherine Lanneval 200 Hour Ayurveda THerapies (Class of 2021)
Annette Smith 200 Hour Ayurveda THerapies (Class of 2021)
Rebecca Fess 200 HOurs Ayurveda Therapies (Class of 2021)
Eileen Rowe 200 Hours Ayurveda THerapies (Class of 2021)
Emily LeBlanc Ayurveda Nutrition (Class of 2020)
Jennifer Bruder Ayurveda nutrition (Class of 2020)
Paula Smith Ayurveda Nutrition (Class of 2020)
Paula Smith Ayurveda Nutrition (Class of 2020)
Diane LeBlanc Ayurveda nutrition (Class of 2020)
Catherine Lanneval Ayurveda nutrition (Class of 2020)
Michelle Racine Ayurveda Nutrition (Class of 2020)
Judy Harris Ayurveda Nutrition (Class of 2020)
Rebecca Fess Ayurveda nutrition (Class of 2020)
Karen Chambers Ayurveda nutrition (Class of 2020)
Jenn Bruder (Class of 2021)
Jenn Bruder (Class of 2022)
Janet Glancey (Class of 2020)
Divya Iyengar (Class of 2019)
Divya Iyengar ( Ayurveda THerapies) (Class of 2020)
Catherine Lanneval (Class of 2022)
Catherine Lanneval (Class of 2019)
Lauren Lanneval (Class of 2019)
Diane LeBlanc (Class of 2019)
Tamara Lovegrove (Class of 2019)
Cyndi MacNeil (Class of 2022)
Laurie Marr (Class of 2022)
Robin Mummery ( Ayurveda Therapies 100 H) (Class of 2020)
Trina Parsons (Class of 2022)
Michelle Racine (Class of 2021)
MIchelle Racine (Class of 2020)
Mira Rostami (Class of 2020)
Eileen Rowe (Class of 2021)
Kim Sault (Class of 2020)
Paula Smith (Class of 2020)
Eilis Sutcliffe (Class of 2019)
Liz Tudoreanu (Class of 2020)