Harmony Tree Studio (CYA–RYS Gold Member)

School Info

To promote a healthy lifestyle that is rich in physical, emotional, spiritual and social well-being. Our school teaches hatha yoga. Students will also get to sample other yoga teaching styles from guest instructors including: vinyasa, yin, kirtan, and restorative for a well-rounded curriculum.

Course Outline

Course Outline
This 200 hour course is taught in 10 weekend modules. Each weekend is 20 hours in duration.

Students are required:
1.To attend all scheduled classes (practical & theory)
2.Submit assignments by assigned due dates
3.Complete theory & practical exam
4.Complete Manitoba Fitness Council's Exercise Theory & Yoga Fit Exams (for additional MFC FitFlow Yoga certification)

Modules Include:

1. Basic Asana
2. Anatomy & Physiology
3. Yoga Philosophy & Ethics
4. Intermediate Asana
5. Yoga Lifestyle
6. Pranayama
7. Teaching Methodologies
8. Meditation & Chanting
9. Advanced Asana
10. Special Populations


Joelle Borne (Class of 2017)
Hollie Buhler (Class of 2016)
Lindsay Cameron (Class of 2015)
Jackie Cavers (Class of 2016)
Stephanie Derraugh (Class of 2015)
Phillip Duncan (Class of 2017)
Theresa Figurski (Class of 2022)
Susie Fisher (Class of 2022)
Susie Fisher (Class of 2016)
Amanda Friesen (Class of 2017)
Jodi Griffith (Class of 2022)
Jodi Griffith (Class of 2017)
Candice Hoffman (Class of 2016)
Grace Hu (Class of 2017)
Stacey Lassnig (Class of 2016)
Chaley Martens (Class of 2022)
Laurie Newton (Class of 2017)
Wendy Pearson (Class of 2015)
Juanita Peters Loewen (Class of 2022)
Amanda Rempel (Class of 2017)
Avaline Widmer (Class of 2017)
Nancy Wolfe (Class of 2017)