This will be on online course beginning April 17th

Submitted by Art Rocks & Healing Yoga on March 27, 2021@9:38:AM

What to expect:

-Experience 8 Live classes in home immersion on what Meditation is, both its philosophy and practices in its effortless state.

- Learn to conduct and receive efficient tools as to how to teach authentic Meditation (philosophy/ theory + practice) classes on your own.

- Examine in detail the practices and philosophy from different traditions such as Yoga Nidra, Metta Meditation, understanding eight limbs of Yoga, introduction to Meditation, Cathartic practices to unburden your subconscious, understanding using of mantras and its practice, Mindfulness, calm abiding technique, Buddhist meditation.

-Learn about the mechanism of the mind and how Meditation helps us awaken our subconscious barriers such as self-limiting thoughts, unhelpful habits, long-held fears, and negative emotions.

-Explore the role of Autonomous nervous system as to how to stabilize your nervous system and how stress and tension affect every level of our being, and the application of Meditation in daily life can be transformed.

-Discuss the related science behind techniques used in the practice and how the ancient roots intersect with the western understanding of the mind.

- Cultivate an understanding of how to teach and deliver safe, effective, and compassionate Meditation sessions for yourself and others.

- Receive guidance on how to create and maintain your own regular home Meditation practice.

What you will receive:
- Live online lectures of Meditation philosophy and practices.

- Completion certificate of 20-hour Meditation course with Canadian Yoga Alliance Continuous Education Program Certificate.

-Meditation manual of the practices in the form of PDF

- Follow up assessment to be reviewed by the teachers by the end of every week to check the progress of each student.