Yin Yoga Training, Spring 2020 and Fall 2020

Submitted by YogaBliss on October 16, 2019@2:23:PM

Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation Training
I will be offering two courses in 2020. Level 1 will be 50 hours and Level 2 will be 28 hours. Both courses are based on the teachings of Sarah Powers, Bernie Clark and Paul Grilley as well as Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. Continuing Education Credits will be given for both courses. For more information on dates and fees contact Debra Black @ debrazina@hotmail.com

Level 1 Yin and Mindfulness Meditation This is a 50 hour program that will explore Yin Yoga -- through the lens of Anatomy, focusing on the skeleton and the fascia, as well as Meridian theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Chakra system. We will dive deep into postures as well as Buddhist philosophy and pyschology and learn to integrate and incorporate mindfulness meditation into a yin practice as well as explore teaching methodology. There will be required reading and homework and practice teaching. Prerequisite: a previous yoga teacher training or two years of a solid yoga (preferably yin) practice.
Level 2 Yin and Mindfulness Meditation This is a 28 hour course that will continue looking at mindfulness meditation and the RAIN method of meditation as practiced by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, Buddhist philosophy and psychology as well as Taoist thought and other forms of breath-work and visualizations. Students will learn how to incorporate these elements into teaching a yin class. There will be required reading, homework and practice teaching. Prerequisite: Level 1 Yin and Mindfulness or a previous yin yoga teacher training.