David Donnelly, founder of QICOLOGY

David Donnelly has spent the past eight years researching many diverse systems of Health. He has been collaborating knowledge from both Eastern /Western practices. As a natural born healer, he has learned many diverse ways of healing. As a result of his study and natural gifts, David has founded and developed a workable health system called 'QICOLOGY'.

He has integrated the study of physics, quantum physics, biology, sociology, metaphysics, traditional Chinese medicine and ecology into Yoga, Qi Kung and Tai Chi. His time at Esalen Institute (Northern California) still researching and in the company Fritjof Capra (author of 'The TAO OF PHYSICS' and the 'WEB OF LIFE') inspired him deeper into the application of 'Deep Ecology' within the eco-system of the human body.

David had the opportunity to study and work in China throughout 2000 -2001. While in China David taught English and Qi -Kung. He also had the privilege to work with and exchange techniques with other Masters of the Chinese Arts.

Currently, David continues his practice of Tai Kung (a spiritual Kung Fu system).

David is 33 years old.