Level I Reiki Certification and attunement

Submitted by Michelle Righetti on March 23, 2018@10:33:AM

Take your teaching and practice to the next level! Become certified in Level I Reiki, in the Traditional Usui Reiki Shihi Ryoho Method.

Level I is like an on-off switch for this Japanese modality that uses life-force energy (Rei-Ki) to help promote relaxation, healing, and the removal of energy blockages and karma which no longer serves us.

In this course, you will learn about Reiki, and become attuned to the first symbol- the Choku Rei. Includes official Certificate. Taught by Reiki Master Teacher Michelle Righetti, CYA-RYT200, International Reiki Association member and founder of Clairvida.

Tuition $150. Course is approximately 8 hours. (1 day). Next course isheld at Orrett Music Academy, Saturday, April 7 at 3107 Bloor St W, Suite 201, Toronto, ON. register here! https://www.clairvida.com/reikicert