Freeing Your Neck and Shoulders: Yoga Therapy

Submitted by Lyne Lantaigne on November 18, 2016@12:19:PM

Do you often feel like your neck and shoulders are stiff and immobile or that you carry “the world” on your shoulders? Do you find yourself holding your breath? Chronic neck and shoulder tension not only zaps your energy, it can cause shallow breathing, give rise to aching muscles, headaches and jaw tension, leaving you stressed and fatigued.

In this workshop we inquire into our unconscious habits, we use conscious breathing and release chronically tight muscles and connective tissue to re-pattern holding habits that are part of an automatic response to stress in our lives. We restore range of motion in our upper back and shoulders to create ease and unwind the neck.

You will learn the anatomy of your upper body through experiential practices drawn from Yoga Therapy, Somatics (work of Thomas Hanna) and Movement Intelligence (work of Ruthy Alon). This will include using a magic roller and therapy balls. You will leave feeling a sense of lightness in your upper body, and a deeper and easier breath. One year of yoga practice is recommended.

with Lyne Lantaigne,
please register at or
December 10, 1-4 pm, $45 + Taxes
at Ocean and Crow Yoga Studio, 1707 Grant Street
Vancouver, BC