Irum Naqvi (CYA–RYS Gold Member)

  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 647-299-7095
  • Address: 373 Front Street West #1206
  • Location: Toronto, Ontario Canada
  • Website:
  • Service Offered: Yoga Teachers Training & Lifestyle
  • Type of Certification Granted: 200 hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training
  • Years in Operation: Six
  • Date Joined: June 30, 2010

School Info

Rancho Margot is located in the rain forest of Costa Rica; a place where everyone who becomes a part of, realizes he is a student learning from life. We strive every day to live in harmony with nature, and by now it has been understood that the first step is internal. As Gandhi put it, we must be the change we want to see.

The school we are creating was created a long time ago. We are just putting the pieces of the puzzle together, for more people to come together in a space where the answers to your questions will unfold themselves through an experiential process.

It is not merely the physical postures of yoga that we practice daily, it is life itself through a holistic approach that we practice. It is what we eat and drink, how we breath, dance and celebrate. And the simplicity of learning and spreading awareness that people experience when being in Rancho Margot is what makes our home a "Center for Natural Living".

School Directors: -Frederick Sostheim
-Irum Naqvi

Course Outline

1. Anatomy & Physiology - 20 hours

- Skeletal and Muscles
- Body and mind prana relationship
- Effects of structural alignment
- Postural alignment
- Common injuries

2. Study of Asanas

Teaching Technique - 100 hours


- Vinyasa Flow/Asana 50 h
- Hands on Assists 15 h
- Partner yoga 10 h
- Integration of Bandhas 3 h
- Meditation 22

3. Study of Pranayama - 20 hours

- Ujjayi
- Nadi Shoda
- Anuloma (alternate nostril breathing)
- Kapalabhati

4. Study of Energy Systems - 10 hours

- Meridians and Nadis
- Study of the Chakras
- Chakra Balancing Meditation

5. Study of Energy Bodies - 5 hours

- Physical Body (sthula sharira) - manifestation of the gross body, what
the 5 senses observes as objects of the mind
- Light and Energy Body (sukshma sharira)
- Wisdom or Causal body (karana sharira)

6. Yoga Philosophy - 15 hours

- Patanjali Sutras
- Lifestyle - "be the change you want to see"
- Taking yoga from the mat to real life

7. Teaching Methodology - 25 hours

- Delivery and design of yoga sessions
- Clarity of language
- How to teach yoga postures to beginners
- Creativity in leading a yoga session
- Finding personal style

8. Other

Pre-req reading 25 hours


Susan Andrews (Class of 2010)
Heidi Bergt (Class of 2014)
Ramona Bernardi (Class of 2016)
Fran Cohen (Class of 2011)
Kathryn Cook-Deegan (Class of 2011)
Sandy Deboer (Class of 2011)
Danielle Doyle (Class of 2012)
Ivannia Esquivel (Class of 2011)
Mary Evans (Class of 2011)
Rheline Fisette (Class of 2013)
Brianna Fitzpatrick (Class of 2011)
Fabian Frangipane (Class of 2014)
Dani Gambino (Class of 2014)
Joice Gonzalez (Class of 2013)
Rosalie Grazzini (Class of 2011)
Najma Jan (Class of 2015)
Sharon Jentzer (Class of 2011)
Miranda Jewel (Class of 2013)
Mary Knoop (Class of 2014)
Morgan Marzano (Class of 2012)
Jeanne Michon (Class of 2014)
Ellen Neely (Class of 2014)
Deborah Norris (Class of 2011)
Jennifer Orenstein (Class of 2011)
Miranda Perrone (Class of 2014)
Ginger Henson Rogers (Class of 2014)
Katie Ryan (Class of 2010)
Julia Schweiger (Class of 2010)
Lyndi Snell (Class of 2013)
Patricia Sotolongo (Class of 2014)
Mario Studer (Class of 2011)
Malorie York (Class of 2013)
Chelsea York (Class of 2013)
Romana Zafar (Class of 2016)