Soul Vibration (CYA-RYS 200 Member)

  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 2262680257
  • Address: 370 Springbank Ave, unit 3
  • Location: Woodstock, Ontario Canada
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  • Service Offered: Yin, Alignment Based, Thai Yoga Massage
  • Type of Certification Granted: 200 Hour Yoga Teacher
  • Years in Operation: N/A
  • Date Joined: August 18, 2017

School Info

This program aims to show the intentions and integrity behind the Asana. We teach principles of alignment and how to modify to suit every body. Learn how our release and support stored emotions and traumatic experiences locked in the tissues and subsequently causing tension and disease. Break through old patterns of stress by understanding the benefits of movement balanced with stillness. Expand your knowledge of the ancient 8 limbed path and develop transformational sequences that will keep your soul vibrating. We will discuss the subtle body, and ancient philosophies left for us to translate into our modern world. Establish useful and practical meditation techniques and grow your connection to the energetic systems within and around us. This program with show how our ancient ancestors understood the qi, the power of pranayama, reshaping our bodies to benefit us overall. Improve your cueing and language skills offering support to those that cross you and reshape your perspective on live.
We have partnered with Yoga Medicine to proved our student with a 20 hour online Anatomy program which they also receive a 20 hour certificate from Yoga Medicine.

Soul Vibrations supports the “Benevolent Barn” in our giving back project, during this training we will spend the final module either at a local benevolent farm or cottage that we will provide transportation to and from, reconnecting to nature. This is where we will complete our training and your certifications will be provided.

Course Outline

Module one:
The 8 limbs, Yamas
Awakening, integrating, transforming.
Yoga History
Hatha Yoga as the foundation

Module two
Inner exploration. What do we really need? What can we let go of?
Setting the intention for this training.
Intro to Chakra: The Heart is our place to start.

Module Three (this module runs 40 hours)
Your Very First Asana - a look into Embryology
Fascia: the superficial front and back lines
Asana with Sanskrit for working with these lines.
A deeper look into the foot
Thai Massage for the feet and lower leg
The Spine.
Standing postures and backbends (Hatha)
Intro to primal body movements.
Sequencing with modifications. How does it fit.

Module Four: (40 hours)
Qi, Pranayama & Pratyahara (working inward, self reflection)
Padmasana & Savasana
The Nervous System
Restorative Yoga
The deep Front line, asana and meditations
Diaphragm, Psoas and Pelvic Health
Chakra 3 below
Sequencing with intention

Module five:
Dharana (focus)
108 & Mala Making,
Acro Yoga (Arise True will teach you the basics of this community driven art)
Setting intentions, Sequencing with intention. Who is your audience?
Yin Yang Theory
Ethics for yoga teachers

Module six (40 Hours)
Spiral Lines and twists
Lateral and Functional Lines
The Shoulder
Arm balances and Inversions.
Thai Massage for arms and hands.
Mobility flow
Putting it all together

Module Seven:
Teaching to a multi level audience
One on one
setting the room
teaching as the lead
business prep for Teachers, where will this path lead you?

200 hours