Urban Restorative Yoga CE 

  • E-mail: urbanrestorativeyoga@rogers.com
  • Phone: 905-718-0511
  • Address: 90 Laking Drive
  • Location: Newcastle, Ontario Canada
  • Website: www.urbanrestorative.yoga
  • Service Offered: Yin & Restorative
  • Type of Certification Granted: 30 HR. CE
  • Years in Operation: N/A
  • Date Joined: March 19, 2017

School Info

Private, home-based studio established 9 years ago offering weekly YIN & Restorative and monthly Hot Stone Restorative & Reiki with Nidra to a small group. Not a drop-in.
30-hour Restorative course.

Course Outline

1. Anatomy: The benefits of back bends, forward bends, side bends, twists and inversions and the proper use of props according to Ayurveda.
Physiology: The effects of stress on the Adrenals, Hormones and nervous system, as well as the effects on each constitution according to Ayurveda.
2. Study of Asana's: Proper use of props that dissolve muscular involvement in supported back bends, supported forward bends, supported side bends, supported twists and supported inversions and how they relate to the doshas.
3. Study of Pranayama: Breathing techniques and their benefits such as : Centering Breath, Alternate Nostril Breathing, Diaphragm Breathing and Ujjai breath to help promote well-being.
4. Study of Energy Systems: Explore the purpose and benefits of a Hot Stone Restorative & Reiki session; a Yoga Nidra practice and how massage and guided meditation can all aid in promoting deep healing in a Restorative class.
5. Study of Energy Bodies: Focus is on the Five Senses; Principles of Movement between the core and limbs with breath; mindfulness meditation; hand mudras; massage; and use of essential oils to bring balance to mind, body & spirit.
6. Yoga Philosophy: The main philosophy of Restorative Yoga is that of constructive rest. We want to feel supported without strain or pain; remain awake and conscious of our physical, mental and emotional body without judgement to allow for a deep relaxation. Our parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated when we come into these poses allowing a relaxation response which reduces stress in our bodies. The heart rate slows down, the breath slows down and increases blood flow to vital organs. It may help with pain management, insomnia, weight gain, helps boost our immune system, anxiety disorders and bring hormonal balance naturally.
7. Teaching Methodology: Students are expected to attend 2 weekly classes for 8 weeks. Other classes outside the studio will be accepted with proof of attendance. Homework will be assigned on a weekly basis based on that week's focus/practice.
Students will also learn first-hand experience of the postures and how to include Restorative poses in a YIN yoga class. Students will learn hands-on experience on how to properly modify each pose according to prop set up to clients level or type of injury. Setting up a Restorative Yoga environment, including temperature of the room, music playlists. Studying the benefits of using volcanic stones, eye pillows, sandbags, different sizes of bolsters, blocks and blankets as a tool to aid in the relaxation process.
8. Other: Upon completion of this 30-hour course, students are required to teach a 60-minute FREE class to become Certified.

Allocated Hours: 20 hours will be given to weekly practice, instruction, Q&A; homework. Plus, 10 hours will be classroom observation, assists & teaching a 60-minute FREE class.