Stairway to Calm Yoga Continuing Education Program 

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  • Location: St. Catharines, Ontario Canada
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  • Service Offered: Continuing Education Programs
  • Type of Certification Granted: Stairway to Calm Yoga Continuing Education Program
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  • Date Joined: March 03, 2016

School Info

Stairway to Calm Yoga & Mindfulness (STCY) is an alternative yoga program that is effective for all individuals including children, adolescents and families who are living with special needs, ADD/ADHD, OCD, autism, anxiety, depression and other related communication disorders. STCY writes, illustrates and publishes all their own resources for general workshops and teacher training sessions. Please see our website for complete details: The four components of the stairway provide teachers, families and many other practitioners with the essential ingredients to design yoga & mindfulness programs to reduce stress & anxiety. Accordion Breath is a cornerstone of STCY. The three part breath cycle is used at the end of each movement to transition the body, mind & spirit in total balance. Climbing the stairway, we first consider environmental & sensory supports, second communication & visual supports, the third stair addresses predictable routines and the fourth stair focuses on mindful transitions. Behaviour challenges are explored in a positive light, teaching participants about the variables in the environment that can be stressful for kids, their likes/dislikes & their ability to communicate effectively their wants and needs. STCY develops environments, sequences & offers practical tools to meet and greet the learning style of all students.
Kids Out of Sync: Think Stairway to Calm Yoga!!
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Course Outline

Stairway To calm offers four comprehensive levels of in service education in order to meet the needs of all those seeking to learn to develop a calming environment with practical tools to support children in their personal attainment of deep calm, & optimal wellness coupled with inner/outer balance.

Level One: a 2 hour basic introduction interactive workshop exploring key concepts of the stairway to calm yoga teaching model through a demonstration class linking research to practice. Take home a resource booklet with the entire yoga sequence explained in depth: easy to duplicate in any setting.

Level Two: 3.5 hours exploring more in depth research on the etilolgy of behaviour challenges that can lead some children to feel out of sync leading to both internal and external stress. Participants will learn to the climb the stairway & implement practical tools to meet and greet the learning style of all students. One hour and a half is dedicated to a power point presentation & videos highlighting the role of mindful awareness & yoga breathing in the attainment of optimal wellness. The remaining two hours are dedicated to demonstration classes based on the case study of students with ADHD and Autism. Take home the The Stairway to Calm Yoga Teaching Model booklet, sequence cards and the entire lesson plan which can be replicated in many settings.

Level Three: 5 hours very suitable 4 YTT. Level three introduces participants to the variables that are contributing to the rise in childhood & adolescent stress for individuals living with or without additional special needs. Part one presents the research on the rise of childhood stress, anxiety & cognitive distortions. Four STCY resources are handed out to guide the participants through yoga & mindfulness exercises designed to reduce anxiety and stress. The iceberg approach is explored in depth to relate the underlying characteristic that are driving our children to experience distress. The stress & anxiety workbook offers thirty pages of fun filled activities for our youth. You will leave with four booklets designed to enhance your life and the lives of all the students entrusted to your care.

Level four : Stairway to Calm Yoga & Mindfulness offersTwo Day Kids Yoga Teacher Training. Alternative programming for kids with living special needs, autism, ADD/ADHD, OCD, anxiety, depression, behaviour & communication disorders are explored in depth. The following resources are part of the training: Stairway To Calm Yoga Teaching Model, Stress & Anxiety Research Booklet(the rise of childhood stress), Befriending Stress & Anxiety Workbook (thirty pages of mindfulness activities), My Mindful Journal & three sets of STCY Sequence Cards for: Early Childhood, School Age, Tweens & Teens. Learn to guide our children to branch out and experience yoga in their own unique way. Please visit the teacher training section of STCY website for further details and posters advertising YTT opportunities at different locations:visit